"Likari" White


Dry White Wine, Protected Geographical Indication "Lilantio Valley" from the organically produced varieties of Asyrtiko and Athiri


Beautiful flavors, light acidity and freshness duration are the characteristics of this fresh wine.


Compliments, seafood, cheese and yogurt dips, chicken and some pork or lamb dishes.


But you can also enjoy it plain as an aperitif, once the feedback we get tells us its a "light wine that goes down easy".

Also available 187,5 ml bottles

"Likari" Red


In aging, expected to be bottled in May 2021


Dry Red Wine from the organically produced varieties of Syrah and Vradiano


Deep ruby colour, with aroma of fruits and notes of vanilla, balanced flavour and long aftertaste.

Compliments best, game, various meat dishes, yellow cheeses and chicken dishes.


"Kokkinos Pyrgos" White


Out of stock :(

New vintage expected to be available in March 2021


Dry White Wine P.G.I "Lilantio Valley" by the ancient local verities of Savatiano and Roditis, produced organically at our vineyard.

It's delightful aroma and delicate dry taste accompanies well fish, poultry and white goat cheeses such as Feta or Chevre.


Bag In Box
White, Red or Rose


Dry Wine produced by organically grown ancient local grape varieties of Lilantio Valley

All three accompany mostly classic Greek dishes and meze.


Comes in quantities of 3, 5, 10 and 20 liters and its better suited for customers that like to drink a couple of glasses of wine and not have to worry about opening a whole bottle.

The bag in the box shrinks as wine is extracted, not letting any air to come in contact with the wine to eventually spoil it.

Bag in Box is also the perfect solution for restaurants and bars that give wine by the glass or by the liter.


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