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Our philosophy is quite simple:

Quality over Quantity!


We keep production to a manageable level in order to attain maximum quality. We use tanks 5 tons or smaller for fermentation thus ensuring that we have the time to control the quality of the grapes going into production and be able to regulate the fermentation procedure.

We also only use organic (BIO) grapes for our wines.




Most wine lovers agree that a boutique winery is small in comparison to the other wineries in its region.

A boutique winery has a very personal relationship with its customers. The people working at a boutique winery tend have a great deal of passion and pride concerning their wines and are intensely knowledgeable about them.

They view making wine as an art more than as a business.

Free from the pressure and requirements of mass production, boutique wineries can produce outstanding wines in limited quantities.



We curently produce 3 wines.


"Likari" Dry White from the top Greek varieties of Asyrtiko and Athiri


"Likari" Dry Red from Syrah and an old re-born local variety Vradiano


"Kokkinos Pyrgos" Dry White from the ancient local varieties Savvatiano and Roditis




Our farm has a history of over 140 years. By the banks of river Lilas, in an area the locals call "The Vines", our Great Grandfather built this farmhouse upon returning from his medical studies. The first family wine was made at the Chateau's cellar by his wife Arietta in the1880s. Motivated by the tradition we inherited, we still produce with pride some of the same type of wines. In 2008 we built on the grounds a state of the art new venue with top of the line equipment, meeting all the standards that a modern winery needs to produce top quality wines.



Depending on the variety, wine making takes place between the end of August and the first days of October.

We receive and inspect the grapes at our quality control belt and then send them to the destemmer/crusher before we either press them with our pneumatic press, for white wine making or send them crushed straight to our special winemaking tanks for red wines.

We always follow the EU standards for organic wine making utill the wine is bottled.



Every year we host a harvest event when the grapes are ripe and ready to go! This is usually within the last two Sundays of September. We also participate every May at the "Greek Wineries Open Doors" event witch occurs all over Greece on the same weekend.

Visitors are always welcome and we love to give tours to any wine enthusiast that wants to honour us. Soon we will have our doors open all weekends for anyone interested in visiting us. But for the time being we only give tours by appointment. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail and we would be glad to accommodate you.